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Cookies in Paradise (CIP) Fundraiaing Programs provide your organization with a fun and easy way to raise money for your cause. Whether you're a school, youth, or adult organization we can help you raise the money that you need. We support all school clubs and organizations, youth and adult athletic organizations, and many other non-profit groups through our programs that deliver effective selling.

CIP has several Fundraising programs that can assist your financial goals based upon your customer target, profit margin, and financial total. We provide an assortment of products that have a range of price points and information on target customer appeal. CIP products include varius decadent cookies packaged in either bags or jars, and our infamous party mixes range from original, furikake and furikake with arare in various package selections of bags or jars.

Our goal at CIP is to asist your group in having aan extremely successful sale. In addition to high quality products, a delivery time is an average of 1-2 weeks from the time you place the final order.

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