Furikake Party Mix

The Furikake Party Mix is Cookies in Paradise’s flagship party mix. It is an exciting blend of baked snacks, cereals, and seasonings that create a snack mix that is enjoyed by all ages. The mix and seasonings come together with Cookies in Paradise’s glaze coating that delivers a crunchy delight for the sweet and salty lovers. Furikake is a mixture of seaweed flakes, sesame seeds, salt, and seasonings that infuses an Asian experience into the party mix. Packaged into a party size jar, this local island treat will produce smiles when consumed. The Furikake Party Mix has been described as a “To Die For Snack”.

Local Style Prune Mui

Prune Mui has been a local island favorite for several generations. It is made with a proportional blend of fruits, seasonings, and spices that yield a sweet citric tang combined with the explosion of the Chinese “Li Hing Mui” taste that delivers a mouth watering salty experience that many local islanders crave. This savory local treat is inner packed into a poly bag followed by an outer tub to ensure product freshness.

Macademia Nut Shortbread Cookies

The Macadamia Nut Shortbread cookie is our signature cookie. These bite size cookies delivers a melt-in-your-mouth experience combined with balance of taste and crunch of macadamia nuts. Only the best fresh local ingredients are used to ensure quality of cookie. The bite size cookies are packaged into a tamper proof jar to ensure product freshness for all ages to enjoy. The finest Hawaii grown Macadamia nuts are used in the cookie to deliver a 100% genuine local islander taste.

Hawaiian Snowflake Cookie

The Snowflake Cookie also known as the Chinese Pretzel is an island favorite. It is made with the islands best fresh ingredients along with high end baking products to produce a sweet light and crisp cookie that is wafer thin. The cookie dies are dipped into the batter and deep fried. The origin of snowflake cookie and Chinese pretzel has to do with the shape of product right before the packaging process. The shape of whole “cookie” looks like a snowflake or a version of a pretzel. The whole cookie is then purposely “shattered” into bite size pieces and packaged for easy consumption. This delightful treasure has been an island delight for many generations. Snowflake Cookies are branded by the Hawaiian Snowflake Cookie trademark. Hawaiian Snowflake Cookie is one of the oldest trademarks and has rich product history.

Family of party mixes

The family party mixes are packed into individual serving bags that provide a light treat to the snack enthusiast. In no time, the snack coinsurer will notice the empty bag. The party mixes are notorious for being consumed in a single sitting. The party mixes are made up of the following flavors, The Original, Furikake, and Furuikake with Rice Crackers (Arare). All party mixes are made with baked snacks, cereals, seasonings, and our special glazes that infuse and bond the specific flavor to the party mix. Each party mix offers a different taste experience ranging from “The Original” as the sweeter side to Furikake with Rice Crackers offering the sweet and salty taste to the palette. The use of Furikake (seaweed flakes) seasoning provides a mild mixture of ocean ingredients that provide a controlled salt taste experience.

Suite of shortbread cookies

Our suite of shortbread cookies are made with the finest ingredients to deliver homemade taste experience. All cookie dough is made from scratch and always freshly made with no preservatives. The cookie suite is made up of genuine Macadamia Nut, Chocolate Chip, Cornflake, and Muncha Buncha (a mixture of chocolate chip, cornflake, and Asian rice crackers). The Macadamia Nut and Chocolate Chip cookie delivers a “melt in your mouth” experience, and the Cornflake and Muncha Buncha provides a buttery crunch sensation. Cookies are bite size and packaged into colorful bags that preserve the freshness of these island gems.

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